minjal kadakia calligrapher

With a background in marketing and media, I represent creative professionals across the arts, crafts and cultural industries, and also practice and teach calligraphy. I currently practice broad pen calligraphy styles like Gothic Textura, Fraktur, Italic and Uncial on paper, canvas and skin.

My mother tells me that my introduction to both wall art and punishments occurred when I doodled alphabets with oil pastels on the freshly painted walls of my house. While it started as a misadventure, my love for letterforms continued through school. I participated in handwriting competitions, completed a course in typewriting and lettering school projects and notice board posters was my favourite after school activity. I enrolled in summer calligraphy classes during high school and eventually started teaching children in the neighborhood.

I attended international calligraphy artist and pen maker Dao Huy Hoang’s calligraphy workshop in Singapore and have participated in several skill-building calligraphy workshops in India.