Please contact me for any of the following.

1. Commissioned Calligraphy Art
Gift yourself or your loved ones customized calligraphy-inspired wall art or table decor on canvas or paper. Framed / un-framed options available.

2. Body Art & Tattoo Designs
Tattoos are the most personal art we display. Work with me to define and clarify your vision for your tattoo and be part of the creative process to turn it into reality. Abstract calligraphy and multilingual hand drawn tattoo designs are available. Also available for styling of calligraphy body-art for photo shoots. Giggling on-set optional but recommended.  

3. Workshops – Corporate & Private
How you write is as important as what you write. My calligraphy workshops are an insightful introduction to the beautiful art of slow writing – calligraphy. I work with beginners and professionals (Individuals and Groups) who want to hone their calligraphy skills, work with simple materials, and tune into their playfulness. A calligraphy kit and instruction booklet are provided so participants can continue their calligraphy experiments.