I conduct an ongoing series of hands-on workshops on broad-pen calligraphy scripts. My workshops are a creative and playful introduction to the various calligraphy scripts, basic strokes, letterform construction, word and sentence structures. A take-home kit is included which gives you everything you need to continue learning and practicing what you learn beyond the workshops. A custom-designed instruction book and pens to start perfecting your craft are part of the perks you will receive at my workshops.

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Gothic Calligraphy & Its Fun Applications – Workshop at Baro, Mumbai

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By the end of the session, participants developed a good understanding of gothic lettering, its creative uses and gained the confidence to continue experimenting.

Private Calligraphy Workshops – Children and Adults

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I conduct one-on-one beginner’s and intermediate level workshops for children and adults who enjoy lettering and calligraphy and are happy to learn, experiment and have fun. One of the key objectives of my private workshops is the application of the scripts. The list of enthusiastic learners in my workshop includes lecturers, students, entrepreneurs, homemakers and media professionals.